Bottoms Up

This is our cheeky way to call out this "bottom-fermented" beer. The first lager that we've brewed to date, this beer is crisp and clean with a spicy and herbal quality. Bottoms up!


The fellas—Peter, Mike and Jo—got together to brew Ca-BRO-nét, whose blond base with a touch of rosé rests in a Squarrel Barrel with Cabernet staves resulting in a luxurious beer for everyone to enjoy, not just the bros.

Smoeltrekker #075

This soft sour beer from an Old Elk Distillery gin barrel provides flavors of juniper, lemongrass, verveine and sage. A moderate ginger after-taste rounds out the finish.

Smoeltrekker #033

One of Peter's best discoveries in the cellar, this decadent sour rests in a Francois Freres Tonnelliere St Roman Côte d’Or French 2015 Viognier barrel. Reminiscent of wine with notes of apricot, one whiff of this beer and you'll be transported back to France walking by gardenia flowers. Enjoy this beer straight from the barrel uncarbonated.