Take it Easy

This red lager comes in at an approachable 5.9% percent ABV with light caramel sweetness, a hint of fruity esters and a light toasted malt finish. The perfect after shift beer to take it easy!

Smoeltrekker #056

This decadent sour has a surprisingly neutral aroma and an unlikely tasting profile. As you take sip after sip it will offer up flavors of sweet vanilla and orange liqueur, followed by a pucker that gives our sours their name.

Dat Dinkel Drinkle

This spelt-based beer, spelt is also know as dinkel wheat, features orange peel and mango. Cheers to the end of summer!

Spicy ginger aromatics are complemented by a lingering heat from Habanero peppers. This beer is nothing if not balanced.

Zip It Good

A hoppy beer featuring Crystal hops from High Wire Hops in Paonia, Cascade hops from Billy Goat Farm in Montrose and Galaxy hops from Down Under, this labor of love is the perfect beer to imbibe on our patio. Have a g'day mate!

G’Day Mate