The Faces Behind Purpose: Meet Bret

If you frequent our taproom, chances are you've seen Bret enjoying a beer or two with his dad. We're thrilled that this dynamic human will now be behind the bar serving you our Purposeful beers with a friendly smile. Bret enjoys Purpose's warm and sincere vibe and unique approach to beers. Here's some interesting facts about Bret for the next time you see him behind the counter:

  • Just call Bret the music man! In his spare time he makes music, mostly electronic and down-tempo instrumental. His last project a Synthwave album inspired by the 80s horror flick genre.

  • Speaking of 80s horror flicks...he loves bad movies. "I once heard that finding joy in B-rated movies is to find joy in humanness. Maybe so, but I mostly just think they are hilarious!"

  • Fueled by caffeine (okay and a little beer), Bret finds himself at local coffee shops quite often. His favorites include Bindle Coffee and Wild Boar Coffee.

Peter Bouckaert