The Faces Behind Purpose: Meet Julie

Besides working at Purpose, what else do you do?
Anything and everything creative and traveling. After an unexpected course change in my personal life, I left the healthcare field to spend time focused on changing my employment direction into one where I can embrace my never ending bombardment of creative ideas and need to make things. I feel incredibly grateful that Purpose felt I could positively contribute to their business.

What are your favorite things to do in Fort Collins?
Meet new people and trying new things! After living in Greeley for 17 years I made the move to live where I had always felt drawn. I love Fort Collins.

What is your favorite food and Purpose beer pairing and why?
I recently enjoyed the Smoeltrekker #055 paired with an amazing seasoned spaghetti squash with goat cheese. So much YUM!

What are your favorite hobbies?
Cooking international multi course meals, reading and Audible, photography, going to concerts, supporting the Denver Broncos and swimming in oceans around the world... I call that a baptism.

What is a silly/interesting fact about you?
I have fallen down fully sober as well as tipsy in multiple places around the US and world. It is a trait I’ve had genetically handed down to me from my mother who globally fell herself. I’ve learned to accept and embrace it! Help me up if you see me down, would you?!

Chea Franz