Root Shoot Summer Wheat

Root Shoot Malting is located on a farm in Loveland where the Olander family grows and malts their own barley. Root Shoot Summer Wheat is made with Root Shoot's Odyssey Pilsner and Genie Honey malts, and white wheat. A late addition of Cascade hops are added to boil to create an easy-drinking wheat beer where the malts shine.

Proximity Rye

This malt house in Monte Vista in the San Luis Valley has a unique and different vibrating tube roaster, which produces very homogeneous roasted malt. Proximity Rye features Crystal Rye and Pale Barley malts from Proximity Malt. Bubbling in your glass, you will find a caramelized sweetness and fruity notes from fermentation.

Troubadour Dark

Nacht is back! As dark as the night's perfection, Nacht (Flemish for night) is brewed with 100% Troubadour malt that is cured, kilned and drum-roasted to perfection. Brazilian Amburana wood that was given by cervejaria Ouropretana in Ouro Preto during Peter's last trip to Brazil, grains of paradise from Old Town Spice Shop, orange peel and vanilla beans complete this decadent beer.

Smoeltrekker #033

Smoeltrekker #033 was fermented with Blood Peach. This delightfully-crafted sour has a hint of vanilla, oak and smoked pecans that stem from the French Oak barrel François Frères Viognier in which it is matured. Served straight from the barrel, you'll experience a fruit basket of flavors featuring apple, orange, and lemon.

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Bonus Beer: Surprise!