A hoppy lager that showcases Barbe Rouge and Elixir hops from Comptoir Agricole in Alsace, France. This intriguing floral lager has notes of lemongrass and blackcurrants.

Street Taco

Since this infamous beer was so popular, we brewed another batch. Street Taco beer features grilled corn, tortilla chips (yes you heard right), grilled poblano and jalapeño peppers, pineapple and a touch of salt.

The Get Together

Named for the gathering of friends blended in a glass, The Get Together features Pale, Golden Promise and Encore malts from Troubadour Maltings, and three hops (Simcoe, Ella, HBC-522 which is an experimental cross of Columbus). London ESB, London III and Whitbread yeast provide a fruity, English fermented character that's balanced by flavors of light citrus and candied hop oil.

Malty Rotator

Enjoy one malty beer after another!

This barrel is a sibling to pH1 and one of the first nine barrels from New Belgium that produced sour beer in the U.S. While pH1 gets a lot of hype (and rightfully so), #074 has a journey of its own that it would like to share. In fact, the barrel made it all the way to The Lost Abbey in California and came back to our brewery over a year ago. The last fill, which we emptied, was a beer heavy in raspberry. We have since filled #077 with A Dozen Roses though you'll still find some lingering raspberry character in this soft sour with a lactic bite.

Smoeltrekker #074

While we no longer have barrel #013 (our friends at BrewHouse Mar del Plata in Argentina get to continue this barrel's story), we still have the delicious liquid that the barrel housed. Enjoy flavors of brown sugar, sour cherry, maple cake, aged wood, bourbon and vanilla in this decadent sour.